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Country & Rural Organization

Learn about country, farm house, and rural organization from Professional Organizer, Brenda Safe. Brenda has lived in her farmhouse for 25 years and continues to reinvent her perfect “farmhouse” spaces. Join us through this series of her farmhouse projects!

The Stairway

Written by Professional Organizer, Brenda Safe:

“I love my farmhouse! We have lived here for 25 years. I promised my husband that if we buy this place “I won’t ask to do one thing to this place, it’s perfect.” Well we all know how that goes…….

One project I worked on recently was the stairway going down to our old basement. It always seemed messy, dirty, and unorganized. I didn’t feel like we were using the space to it’s potential. So I used our classic Meat & Potatoes Organizing “pull out” method. I pulled everything out. I made a throwaway pile, donation pile, and keep pile. This gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate how I was using the space.

In this old farmhouse, there isn’t a lot of extra space.

After putting all of my “keeps” back in, the new space works well for me. Like most things, I do an occasional space tidy up, which takes about 5 minutes and it’s back!!!”

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