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Closet Organization: Chaotic Abyss Turned into Functional Linen Closet

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By Jackie Leffner

Anyone else HATE folding fitted sheets? Instead of folding them, do you crumple them up into a ball and shove them into the closet hoping they will not fall out? Well, it is time to face closet organization head on and especially that fitted sheet and dive into closet organization. At Meat and Potatoes Organizing, our professional organizers help turn your chaos into functional, beautiful spaces! We have researched the best organizing professionals (and coupled with our own hands on experience) and came up with some fast tips to help turn YOU into a professional organizer in your own home, and help you turn that chaotic abyss into a functional linen closet. 

Step 1 is PULL IT OUT! 

Pull everything out of that linen closet and decide if that is the right home for it. We typically put things into piles. 


Once you know what you are going to keep in that linen closet – it is time to start deciding how to put it back! You want to keep the items you are going to access often as accessible as possible – so think – middle of your closet and at eye height. Additionally, those sheets that go on the guest bed in the basement do not need to be front and center. Those flannel sheets you only pull out in -20-degree weather can be placed near the top. If you need some help organizing this functional space, we are here to help you with any closet organization you may need.


We absolutely LOVE shelf dividers, bins, linen-storage containers, and bedsheet bands! We have linked a few of our favorite products here as well for you to use! 

Shelf dividers can help maximize your shelf space by making sure your stacks of towels or sheets stay upright & prevent them from toppling over. 

Bins! Before you go out and buy new ones – look around your home for unused baskets or bins that can be repurposed for your linen closet. Bins are the perfect solution for smaller items like washcloths, pillowcases, or even toiletries – depending on what you decided was going in this space from Step 1.

And last, but not least – our favorite linen closet NECESSITY is linen-storage containers! There are so many affordable options for linen storage containers and most of them have handles and a spot for labels which makes them handy & functional. If you’re not quite in love with the containers, they’ve even come out with bedsheet organizer bands that allow you to see the sheets while still keeping everything together. They even come labeled with the size of the sheets so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. 

Step 3 is PUT IT ALL BACK! 

Organizing your linen closet on a budget is entirely achievable with a little creativity, resourcefulness, and use of the products linked in this blog. By following this simple 3-step process, you can transform your linen closet from the chaotic abyss into a functional, beautiful space where towels, sheets, and bedding essentials are easy to find.

So…here we go! Roll up your sleeves, start with step 1 and get ready to create a linen closet that sparks joy every time you open the doors. 

In the mood to get this done but do not want to do it yourself? Reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our professional organizers. Meat and Potatoes Organizing can help you with your linen closet organization and more. We would love to help declutter, spark joy, and create peace in your everyday life by transforming your home into functional, beautiful spaces…one area at a time.

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