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Professional Organizing Services

Organize, Declutter, and Streamline.

Take a look at our range of solutions to help you maximize your spaces, streamline your daily routines, and reduce stress. We work with you to assess your unique needs and tailor your plan around that.
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Professional Organizing

We love helping you get down to the basics! The “Meat & Potatoes” of your home, whether it’s the kitchen, pantry, closet, office, or garage. Professional organizing can include organizing your current items, decluttering, or downsizing your home, improving organization systems to be more effective during future clean up, or just helping you make decisions about what to keep and what must go.

Everyone has a unique situation and we love helping as best we can – always judgement free!

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Organize & pack / Unpack & Organize

Getting ready to move? We provide organizing, packing, and unpacking services to help families reduce, declutter, and organize during the packing process. We then help unpack and set up homes for organization function and success!

Donations & Recycling

After every organization session, we love taking away any donations to your favorite charity. If you don’t have one in mind, we can give you some awesome recommendations. We also haul away any recyclable material to our local recycling center free of charge.

We love our planet Earth!

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Resale Consignment Twin Cities

Resale & Consignment

Need assistance selling items you no longer need or want? We can help you declutter and unload items by helping you sell them on online platforms like E-Bay, Facebook Marketplace, PoshMark, Craigslist, and More.

Please inquire about our selling services and fees to get a customized plan to help you sell your items.

Monthly Educational Series (Zoom)

Organize My Home In A Year!

Are you a busy person that wants to get their house in order, but needs a little help? We’ve created a guide to help you organize each space in your home, one month at a time. Each month, the series will focus on a different room of the house and tips to getting and keeping it organized. By the end of the year, your whole house will be clutter free and organized!

Virtual Organizing & Zoom Check-Ins

Interested in getting your home organized virtually? We can do that! For those looking for a lower cost option where they participate in the organizing themselves, this is it. We provide our professional guidance and knowledge to create a wonderfully organized space.

*One Hour Minimum Investment

Virtual Organizing Minneapolis Minnesota
Professional Organizer Minneapolis

Ala Carte Services

Our list of ala cart services was created so you can easily upgrade a main service if needed!

See Full List of Ala Carte Services
  • Dumpster Scheduling & Management – Get a dumpster scheduled for your project.
  • Deep Cleaning Service Upgrade – Upgrade your project to have professional cleaners deep clean during or after our service.
  • Folding & Laundry Service – Need Laundry washed, folded, and put away? Let us handle it.
  • Digital Organization & Conversion Management Services – We organize your computer files, or you can let us help you manage converting old films to digital.
  • Errand Management – Let us run your errands for you! One Hour Minimum Investment.
  • Garage Cleaning Upgrade – Full shop vacuum and power wash while the garage is being organized.
  • Assemble & Install Product – Need shelving or organization products built on site? We can do that! Please ask if we can assemble your specific items. One hour minimum investment.
  • Household Project Management – Need us to call, schedule, and manage your household to-do list? Did your realtor give you a punchlist? We can help, using our trusted business partners if applicable or we can use companies you are already familiar with. One hour minimum investment.

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