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See our lovely team of professional organizers who are passionate about bringing order to chaos and creating functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environments! 

Organizing With Love In Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota!

The crew

Sandra Johnson

Lead Assistant Organizer

Helping You Get Down To The Basics

Helping You Get Down To The Basics

Cori McDougald

Twin Cities & South Metro Area

I started Meat & Potatoes Organizing because I wanted to help people get down to the basics in life – the Meat & Potatoes – if you will. Personally, I found so much freedom in downsizing, decluttering, and creating organization systems in my own life and I love sharing this experience with others.

Call me crazy, but my favorite organization projects are garages & basements. (I also love organizing all other parts of the home). I grew up competing in Olympic weightlifting and I absolutely LOVE lifting heavy objects and physical work. Anytime I can move and sweat – I am happy!

In my non-organizing time, I love to hang out with my two boys, Thor & Magnus. My husband Damon does security consulting (from home mostly now, thanks to Covid) and we enjoy skiing and snowboarding together in the winter. My happy and licky dog, Jellybean, is my only little girl and by little, I mean BIG, sweet, doberman!

I hope you learned a little bit about me and now I cannot wait to connect and hear about YOU and your family!

Brenda Safe

Cannon Falls, Rochester & Surrounding Area

I joined the Meat & Potatoes Organizing team because I had the opportunity to work with my daughter (Cori) on a love we share; downsizing, decluttering, and creating organization in our homes.

I’m coming from a 20 year career of being a massage therapist into a new adventure of organizing. I personally enjoy working on offices, home offices, and finding your perfect “paper solution”.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the paper in your home, we can work together to figure out what to shred, what to save, and how to stop paper from taking over your life.

I enjoy spending time with my husband Scott, of 38 years. We have a son/daughter-in-law and a daughter/son-in-law, that have blessed us with 5 energetic grandsons.

I look forward to working with you on your project!

Olivia Johnson

Fargo, ND

Organizing is something that I have always been very passionate about. Joining the Meat & Potatoes Organizing team has been the perfect job for me. I love creating spaces where you can be stress and clutter free. I have found in my own personal experience that having an organized space and environment to surround myself with helps me live my life to the fullest. I am passionate about helping others achieve this as well. I love my job because I get to help others and do one of my favorite hobbies, organizing! 

I am currently a student at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. I am majoring in nursing, and in my future I hope to work with children as that is another passion of mine. Between organizing, nannying, and school, I still try to find time to be with my friends and family, travel, and be outdoors.

Olivia "Liv" Link

Minneapolis MN

I started at Meat and Potatoes Organizing in 2021 as an assistant organizer and quickly realized I had a passion for everything about organizing! My absolute favorite part of organizing is ensuring that every item has a home that is functional and appealing. At M&P I am in charge of custom Cricut labeling and I also run our social media accounts! In my free time I love all things craft which makes creative spaces my favorite area of the home to work on from kids art spaces to specialty hobbies!

In recent years I have worked a lot with children and families as a nanny and a craft instructor at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. Because of my experience I work well communicating with families and listening to their desires when it comes to organizing and how they want their home to flow.

Jamie Rother

Southern MN - Rochester, Cannon Falls & Surrounding Area

After a chance encounter between my best friend and Brenda, Cori’s mom, my friend told me I just had to check out M&P because it would be perfect for me, knowing my bit of obsession with organization!

I had recently left a job I had been at for 15 years to have time to chase my two kids to and from school as well as to activities – meaning I was looking for something flexible. At 6 and 9 my girls are just getting started with their crazy schedules and M&P is just that, with a side helping of not feeling like work!

I come by my organization skills naturally, using a dose of anxiety! As house items and kid stuff pile up so does my anxiety – calming the clutter around me helps me calm my mind and gives me an attitude boost. If you feel overwhelmed by clutter around the house or a pantry/closet stressing you out, I’m your gal!

Abby Strauffenecker

Fargo, ND

I joined Meat and Potatoes organizing last fall after Olivia J. said she needed some help in the Fargo area. I have since loved helping people create useful and organized spaces in their homes. I have always loved organizing rooms in my home so I was super excited when this organizing opportunity arose.

I am originally from Spicer, MN. Right now, I am a student at North Dakota State University in Fargo, where I am majoring in nursing. I hope to work in pediatrics after graduation in 2024. As a student living in a small apartment, being organized is a very important part of my lifestyle. It makes my school work and home more stress free and practical. I’d love to help you make your spaces organized and useful as well!

Emily Wendt

La Crosse, Wisconsin & Surrounding Areas

My organizational habits started at a very young age. My parents recall me always cleaning up after my messes and the messes of others all while singing the Barney “Clean Up” Song. For as long as I can remember, my clothes have always been sorted by color, and I have always been the friend who makes itineraries and google spreadsheets for trips and vacations. Since I was a child, one of my favorite activities has been cleaning, reorganizing and rearranging my room and my friends’ rooms when I would go to their houses. And yes, I have watched the Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo repeatedly since they were released on Netflix.

When I was in college, being a professional organizer wasn’t really a thing. I graduated from Hamline University where I studied Public Health, Psychology, and Non-Profit Management. After graduation I moved back to Rochester and pursued a career in health care.

Five years later, my husband’s career took us to La Crosse, WI.

I was recently cleaning out and organizing a storage unit with my brother-in-law when I thought to myself, “I would love to get paid to do this kind of thing!” Of course my brother-in-law looked at me like I was crazy, but right when I got home I searched “home organizing companies in my area”. It was then that I reached out to Cori at Meat & Potatoes.

Cori has given me the resources and training that will allow me to make that dream a reality and help so many clients. I am so excited for this career where I get to help others in a way that I am extremely passionate about. My professional goal as an organizer is to help others feel the satisfaction and empowerment of getting organized and allowing them to live a sustainable, livable and joyful life.

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