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Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do We Serve?


Twin Cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis), South Metro (Lakeville, Prior Lake, Burnsville, etc.), Stillwater, Roseville, Edina, Cannon Falls, down to Rochester, and all areas surrounding these towns by 40 miles.


La Crosse, WI and all surrounding areas by 60 miles. Also, Western Wisconsin within 30-45 minutes from the Twin Cities.

How Does Your Process Work?

We have a simple process. Cori speaks with you about your project and finds the best lead organizer for you in your area. The lead organizer then comes to your house (or virtually, your preference) to do a complimentary consultation. After we see your project, we determine a plan of action and set up some organizing sessions. Most organizing sessions last about three hours, some projects up to six hours per session. We keep coming back to your house until your project is complete!

How Do I Schedule Sessions?

It’s best to set up a complementary consultation first. This can be done by filling out our online form or by e-mailing Cori at

Can Meat & Potatoes Organizing Work With My Schedule?

Absolutely! Our team is flexible and will work around your schedule to minimize disruption and ensure a seamless organizing experience.

Do I Need To Be Present?

Yes and no! We need you there for your consultation, but after that it is completely up to you! We have a variety of combinations of organizing options. You can work one-on-one with your organizer, do a combination of organizer + homework, or you can have your organizer do everything for you.

Do I Need To Clean And Organize Before You Come Over?

NO! Please don’t. We’d love to see your space as it is. That way we can talk about how to create an area that functions well for you and visualize what we will need to do to accomplish this. No judgment here – so please don’t feel like you need to clean or organize before our sessions.

Will You Take My Donations, Recycling, and Trash?

After each session, we will take donations to a local charity or Goodwill location. We also drop off all recycling at a local recycling center. These two services come complementary with our organizing. We cannot accept or drop off trash/garbage, but we have preferred vendors we work closely with. We can help you arrange a dumpster, trash pick up, bagster, or junk truck.

Do You Offer Virtual Organizing Services?

Yes! We offer virtual organizing services for clients who prefer remote support or live outside of our service area. Learn more and sign up HERE

How Does Payment Work?

To get started, we ask for an initial deposit for a three hour organizing session. From there, we bill hour by hour. We take all major credit cards, checks, or cash. All billing is done electronically to your e-mail address.

I'm Embarrassed To Have Someone In My House, What If I'm Not Ready?

Totally okay! We get it. You are taking big action by just doing your research right now. Even if you’re not ready yet, it would still be beneficial to set up a call or do a virtual consultation with Cori to discuss putting together a plan that works for you – on your time.

Is Our Work Together Confidential?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients and their homes private matters. We also have you and your organizer sign a confidentiality agreement before we start our project to make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to confidentiality. We only share before and after photos with signed consent from our clients.

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