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Dorm Room Organizing Essentials

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By Sandra Johnson, Professional Organizer

Dorm rooms have their own sense of style.  Not only are they small, but you’ll also have to share.  Each room has unique nooks and crannies.  As you live in it, you will notice potential for organization.  Here are some ideas to get your creative organizing juices flowing… 


The hub of your day-to-day!  There can be a lot going on, all at one time. How will you keep your schedule organized?  If visuals help you, then you’ll want a calendar on the wall.  Grab a whiteboard calendar that you can customize each month.  It makes it easy to add or erase events.  Your desk drawers will love some small bins to keep everything in its place, clearly divided and easy to see.  And Don’t forget to utilize use any vertical space you have above your desk.  For these areas, consider using stackable drawers or turntables to keep things accessible.  


Vertical space above your fridge and microwave will be essential.  You can find furniture to help raise things, and use bins to keep food organized.  Another easy way is to use clear stacking drawers.  These drawers could go above as long as they are attached with some putty (or museum gel) so as to not fall over.  If you have space you can stack them from the floor giving you a little workstation on top. Tip: add a cutting board on the top as your counter. 


Most likely you will only have a sink in your room, unless you are truly blessed.  Knowing that, you will want a caddy that you can take with you.  This needs to be something that can fit all of your shower essentials and can also get wet.  By your sink you will want to use any vertical space. Again, we love to think stackable bins or drawers here. We’ve also used removable command hooks to hang towels, bags, washcloths, etc. Just check with your dorm rules first, so you don’t adhere something to the wall that you’re not supposed to.  If you decide to use stackable bins or drawers in your sink area, remember you can use the space on top of drawers as a work space.  Another multi use item is a rolling cart. This can house some of your essentials. 



If you’re not headed home often, then laundry will be a part of your routine.  Have a plastic caddy that holds all your laundry essentials (soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets).   Depending on where your laundry is you may want a clothes basket that has wheels or nice handles.  Maybe you are lucky enough to head home to do laundry. If that’s the case, then a laundry bag is great for travel.  


Slim felt hangers are a must!  Medium to large bins will be so helpful, not only for clothes but other odds and ends.  Hanging organizers can not only be used in the closet, but sometimes you can easily hang it from a loft bed. Only hang the essentials, and use under the bed storage for items you don’t use everyday.   A great way to add function to your space is getting foot stools that double as seating, and storage. 


As with any small space, you need to get creative. Always look up, and think of ways to use the vertical space available to you.  Living an organized college life will bring you more peace and calm, leading you to a more stress free and fun experience! We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks for dorm room organization. Of course, if you’d like more help or hands on organizing, please reach out to us using our contact form. We love organizing dorm rooms!

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