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Getting Organized: Garages

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By Jackie Leffner

Happy Fall! We are beginning to transition into a new season, which means there is an opportunity to do a quick declutter and organization of your garage. Now is the time to start thinking about how to prep your outside spaces to be the most helpful for you this winter. Are you ready for the WHITE GOLD? If not, we can help get that garage space clean and organized to ensure you are not spending the winter scraping ice and snow off your car because there is no room in the garage! Here are some tips to get you started on organizing that garage and making room for your vehicles, so you have one less thing to worry about on those frigid winter mornings. 

First things first, determine how you want to use your garage. What are things in your home you know need to live in your garage? Here are some ideas: 

  1. Tools & Workshops
  2. Holiday Decorations
  3. Vehicles
  4. Outdoor equipment – snow blower, leaf blower, lawn mower, etc. 
  5. Camping Supplies
  6. Kids Toys / Sporting Equipment

Second, now that you know what you need to put in there, TAKE EVERYTHING OUT. To be able to visualize the space and efficiently organize, you will want to take everything out of your garage. Choose an organization day where the weather will be nice, and you can take it all out and categorize it on your driveway. This will allow you to dream up your perfectly organized garage, give the floor a sweep and clean, and install any new infrastructure you need to support your vision! 

Third, GET RID OF IT. If there are things on your driveway that no longer fit into one of the categories of things that need to live in your garage, your job is to either find it a new home, sell it, donate it, or get rid of it! (Hint, we are really good at helping you decide which bucket those items should go into! Give us a call and we can see how we can help!). 

Fourth, install any new shelving or organizational tools you will need to store your items. You will want to make sure you install this before starting to put everything back. This will ensure your items will fit in an organized manner and you can easily visualize where things will be going. 

Lastly, put everything away 😊. This is the most fun step if you have followed all the others because you know where the items should go, you have gone through and discarded/donated/moved any items that do not belong in your garage, and now you get to put your final vision together! 

If you are anything like us, seeing the final product is always the best part of the day! Knowing that you have created a beautiful, functional space that will help you get through the winter in your garage will be an amazing feeling!

If, after reading this, you are still feeling overwhelmed, give us a call to set up your free consultation! We will walk through your largest pain points and can schedule a time to come out and work with you to dream about your perfect space and let you know exactly what we can do together to help achieve it!

Until next time – Stay Organized!


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