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At Meat & Potatoes Organizing, we offer many services.  From meal prep, to downsizing, to creating your dream pantry. We often come into peoples lives when they are experiencing big changes! One of our recent projects was a BIG one in Edina, MN and I am so excited to share it with you! First, I want to mention that the beautiful thing about M&P is that we can take on projects both big and small. This is something unique to our company, our all female dream team! The ability to work as a team has allowed us to take on larger projects while maintaining efficiency and attention to detail. 

We had the opportunity to fully pack and organize an entire move. This was a family home, in which they were upsizing to better accommodate their needs and wants! It was essential to plan ahead for this project. Every last detail mattered, not one too big or too small! The beauty of being able to pack and organize everything before the move was extremely useful in our unpack. We had every box labeled by room, contents and properly marked fragile if needed. That being said, we did have some bumps along the way, as any project does. We strive to be perfectionists in this line of work, so often the vision in your head doesn’t quite match the outcome. It was definitely a lot of work but for what it’s worth I think our team rocked this one (-: 

This was one of those projects where we got to combine our passion for organizing with the freedom to implement some of our favorite product aesthetics. Products are not everything but when they are done right–they are oh, so right!! I attached some visuals below for reference. 

From drawer dividers, to turn tables, to matching bins for closets, to our very own custom cricut labels–we went all out on this one! Our goal is to make your space as functional, stress-free and beautiful as possible! Any inquiries for custom spaces and product ideas are encouraged at this time!! When you think of your next dream home organization project, think M&P! 

We service all of the metro Twin Cities area, including Edina, St. Louis Park, and now Rochester, MN!

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Master Closet

Home Organizing Service Edina, MN

Spice Drawer

File Folding with Drawer Dividers


-all the smaller details we got to help with–drawer dividers, turntables, labels, book aesthetic, bins bins bins 

-How our group focus and camaraderie really shone through during this project; this is what makes M&P so unique! We have a group of gals, who love to organize and help people; creating a space that is both functional, easily maintained and pleasing to the eye. 

-beauty of built ins; if you have that luxury 

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