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Our Favorite October Things!

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Hello! Welcome to the Meat & Potatoes monthly newsletter! Every month we will be sending out this newsletter that will include our favorite products, awesome hacks, and anything that we LOVE! There will also be announcements on what’s new for Meat & Potatoes Organizing. 

Our October favorites include:

  • Create a “home” for things that your family uses often.  If we create a space (cubby, shelf, basket, cupboard, drawer) for our most used items, we can quickly put them away, tidy up, and declutter without much effort.  Cleaning becomes difficult when things don’t have homes.  As our children grow up and as our interests change, these spaces will need to change as well.  My favorite are cute bins with bin clips (from Target) that I can easily change out the label when needed.

  • Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo-Netflix. We love this because it is a great spark to get started on your own home, while also sharing helpful tips and tricks. It is only one season so it is a quick watch! If you become obsessed with organization shows like we did, another great show to watch is called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. 

  • We have expanded Meat & Potatoes Organizing to Fargo, ND and surrounding areas! Professional organizer and customer relationship specialists Olivia Johnson is excited to help create your dream space. Visit to book Olivia now!

We will be releasing new M & P merchandise! We have long sleeves and zip-up sweatshirts available in black and navy blue. The clothing will also be shipped right to your home. You can order your very own gear HERE!!!

The last day to order will be October 15th…so get it before then! We thank you for your support of Meat & Potatoes Organizing. 

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