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The Stairway

Written by Professional Organizer, Brenda Safe:

“I love my farmhouse! We have lived here for 25 years. I promised my husband that if we buy this place “I won’t ask to do one thing to this place, it’s perfect.” Well we all know how that goes…….

One project I worked on recently was the stairway going down to our old basement. It always seemed messy, dirty, and unorganized. I didn’t feel like we were using the space to it’s potential. So I used our classic Meat & Potatoes Organizing “pull out” method. I pulled everything out. I made a throwaway pile, donation pile, and keep pile. This gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate how I was using the space.

In this old farmhouse, there isn’t a lot of extra space.

After putting all of my “keeps” back in, the new space works well for me. Like most things, I do an occasional space tidy up, which takes about 5 minutes and it’s back!!!”

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