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The Holidays are done…now what?!

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Professional Organizing and Christmas Decoration Takedown

What do you mean Santa isn’t coming back until next year?!

After the holiday season, it’s time to pack away the Christmas decorations until next year. Taking down and storing decorations can be a daunting task, but with a little organization and care, you can ensure that your decorations will be in great condition for next year AND easy to find!

This blog post was inspired by one of my friends and fellow organizers outside of Boston, Massachusetts – Laura Weiler – of An Organized Start. To learn more about Laura, check out her blog and website here: Laura Weiler, An Organized Start. Laura posted about how she loved to take down Christmas by room and store it that way, so that when its time to put it back up next year, she can easily grab the tote and begin decorating each room without having to search for anything specific. I thought this was a wonderful idea!!

Along with that amazing nugget of knowledge, here are more of our tips from the Meat & Potatoes Organizing Team:

  • First, start by taking down any lights that you have put up. Carefully unstring the lights and make sure to check each bulb to ensure they are not damaged. After taking down the lights, it’s time to take down the tree. Before taking down the tree, make sure to remove all the ornaments and decorations. I like to wrap my ornaments in tissue paper and store in a tub. When storing the tubs, make sure to put the heaviest boxes on the bottom, and the lighter ones on top, to prevent crushing.

  • Once the tree is down, make sure to properly dispose of it. Many communities have curbside pickup for Christmas trees, or you can take it to a recycling center. If you have an aritificial tree, we either put it back in the box and tape it up, or use a handy Christmas tree bag.

  • For other decorations, such as stockings, wreaths, and garlands, make sure to properly store them as well. Wreaths can be stored in wreath storage bags and stockings can be hung up or folded and placed in a storage box. I also love simply hanging garland in a basement storage room vertically.

  • When storing decorations, it’s important to find a dry, cool, and safe place to store them. A basement or attic is a great place to store decorations, but make sure that the temperature doesn’t get too hot or too cold, as this can damage the decorations.

  • Finally, make sure to label all the boxes, so you know what’s inside and where to find them next year.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Christmas decorations will be in great condition for next year’s holiday season and you’ll be ready to decorate again easily!

Not ready to tackle the Christmas decoration takedown yourself? Let us do it for you! Reach out for your complimentary consultation using our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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