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The Benefits of Professional Organizing for Corporate Relocations

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Today’s Competitive Job Market

Given today’s job market, companies are trying new and innovative ways to help attract great employees to help fill their positions.  Companies are finding it even more difficult to fill positions when they also need to relocate an individual or their family during this process.  Some companies offer relocation services, and others don’t.  Recently, we’ve seen many corporations move to offering Professional Organizing services as a perk and benefit!

Obviously, this is music to our ears!  We are passionate about helping families and business professionals downsize, declutter, and organize before they move.  We also LOVE setting up families and professional for success in their new homes, on Day 1!  

There are so many benefits that professional organizing can offer both the individual, family, and corporation during a corporate relocation.

Moving Costs

Moving is one of the most stressful life events that one can endure.  As professional organizers, we aim to make this transition as smooth and stress free as possible.  Ideally, we help downsize, declutter, and pack in an organized way.  Then, when the moving boxes arrive at the new location, we help unpack and set up functional organization systems that will help the family flourish the moment they arrive at their new home.

Whether your new company is paying for your relocation or you are doing it yourself, there are some *heavy* things to consider to save you a considerable amount of money! You see what I did there? Did you know that most moving companies charge by weight?  For example, if you wanted to save money on your move, one of the easiest ways is to DECLUTTER all of your big and heavy items.

When preparing for a move, we look to get rid of at least 200 to 300lb of household items per hour before a move.  This is where we really see the savings add up.  Think about the items in your home that are heavy and you’ve been taking with you from house to house, but you don’t necessarily need to keep…old textbooks, notebooks, clothing that no longer fits, old dressers or entertainment systems, workout equipment, unsightly shelving units, etc…  All of these items add up to a huge savings for either you or your company!

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Decluttering before a move saves money by decreasing the weight shipped.  It also reduces fuel costs and therefore reduces your carbon footprint!  A win for yourself and the environment.

Sell Your Home Easily

If you’re planning to sell your home before you move, a couple of decluttering sessions can make all the difference when putting your home on the market.  You’ll want to declutter and organize before your stager arrives (and likely after based on the stager’s recommendations). You’ll also want to declutter before your photography session, and before you have showings.  Having a decluttered home can make your sale happen quickly as it allows potential buyers to see your home more easily as their own.  

Setting Professionals Up For Success

The goal with setting up a professional or family at their new home is to feel settled in as quickly as possible.  We want the home to be organized and function based on the main day to day schedules and activities of the home.  Ideally, we’d like our professionals to be set up for success on Day 1 of their new job.  This generally means we unpack and organize the key areas of the home, including but not limited to, the kitchen, bathrooms, linen closets, and master bedroom and closet.  We want our services to help you to enjoy your new home as soon as possible and decrease any stress that moving might cause.

Please reach out if you or your company have interest in our corporate relocation services.  We would be happy to help you and assist you in the process.  We look forward to helping you develop a plan!    

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