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Elevating Professional Organizing Skills: Our Training Session with Melissa Klug

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Cori and Melissa Home Organizers Minnesota

In the bustling world of professional organizing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. We often get asked, how do you learn the best and latest home organizing techniques?

While we have a host of excellent resources, by far one of our favorites is Professional Organizer, Melissa Klug.

Melissa Klug’s name is synonymous with excellence in organization. With years of experience under her belt (Home By Eleven) and thousands of hours of coaching experience specifically for Professional Organizers with her Inspired Organizer & Pro Organizer Studio programs, I feel extremely lucky to call her my mentor and friend.

And, lucky us…she is local to Minnesota!  Melissa’s home organizing company services the same areas that we do; mainly the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities metro areas.  When our team needs a hands-on demo from the best, we often invite Melissa over for a deep dive!

My team was interested in folding…

Cue…a demonstration on current and “correct” file folding techniques.  Our team was eager to absorb her wisdom and learn from her unparalleled insights.  Melissa is a Kon Mari Consultant and if anyone is familiar with “sparking joy” while folding clothing, it’s Melissa!

The training session kicked off with Melissa sharing her journey in the world of professional organizing. Her passion for decluttering and helping others set the tone for an engaging and enlightening day ahead. From her experiences working with clients to the innovative strategies she employs, Melissa’s anecdotes provided valuable lessons for our team.

One of the key takeaways from Melissa’s training was the importance of understanding clients’ needs deeply. She emphasized the significance of active listening and empathy in tailoring organizing solutions that truly resonate with individuals. As professional organizers, it’s not just about tidying up spaces; it’s about enhancing people’s lives and alleviating their stress through thoughtful changes.

Melissa also delved into the psychology of clutter and how it impacts our mental well-being. By exploring the underlying reasons behind disorganization, she empowered our team to address root causes rather than merely treating symptoms. This holistic approach not only enhances the effectiveness of our services but also fosters long-term transformation for our clients.

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of Melissa’s training was her unwavering passion for her craft. Her enthusiasm was contagious, reigniting our team’s fervor for organization and revitalizing our commitment to excellence. As we bid farewell to Melissa at the end of the day, we were not just equipped with newfound knowledge; we were infused with a renewed sense of purpose.

In the days following the training session, our team wasted no time in implementing Melissa’s teachings into our practices. Armed with fresh perspectives and refined skills, we embarked on our organizing projects with renewed vigor and confidence. 

Looking back on our experience with Melissa, it’s clear that the training session was a transformative milestone for our team. Not only did we gain insights and practical skills, but we also reignited our passion for our profession. Melissa’s guidance continues to resonate with us, serving as a guiding light in our journey towards home organizing excellence.

As we forge ahead, we remain grateful for the opportunity to learn from a true luminary in the field of professional organizing. A huge thanks to Melissa!  And as our clients are always learning, SO ARE WE!  My hope is that we can all stay curious, and learn something new each day.

Until next time,

Cori McDougald, CPO ®

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