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We’ve Been Working Remotely for 2 Years – It’s Time to Set Up That Home Office!

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By Jackie Leffner

The pandemic brought a year of transitions for so many of us back in 2020 and we are still working on figuring out what this new life looks like. You, or someone you know, likely began working remotely during the pandemic. Chances are, if you’re still working remotely – you’ve probably started to try and figure out your office organization. So many of us started by working at our kitchen tables until we realized this might be more permanent.

If you’ve started to transition your kitchen-table workspace into a home office and you’re stuck, Meat and Potatoes professional organizing services are here to help! Whether you live in a studio apartment or in a mansion on the river, your workspace needs to be as productive as possible! If you find yourself struggling, we can help guide you through the process and make sure your home organization and office organization is helping you get the most out of your space.

Define Your Space

The first thing you have to do when starting your office organization journey is to put on your professional organization hat and define which space you are going to use as your office. Regardless of how large or small the space you have available is, it’s essential to define and distinguish it. Only then can you design it into a proper workspace.

Office Equipment

Do you have the right equipment you need for your home office? Depending on the work you do, you will want to be very mindful of your furniture choices. Purchasing furniture can be an investment – so consider what you will need and what you want. If you have room for furniture in your office, below are some essentials that we think you will need:

  • Office Desk
  • Office Chair
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Drawers

Office Accessories

At Meat and Potatoes Organizing, we are ALL about functional accessories! We want you to have space that makes you feel great and boosts your productivity. Depending on what kind of desk you have – the following are a few things we’ve found helpful in our office setting.

  • Desk / Room Lamp
  • Monitor Riser or Arm
  • Cable Tray or Cord Organizer
  • Desk Clamp Power Outlet (especially if you’re going tonot be near an outlet)
  • Accessory Bin or Organizer
  • Speakers
  • Good Headphones / Earphones / Microphone

If after reading this, you would like some help with your office organization, reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation today. Meat and Potatoes Organizing can help you with paper organization, decluttering services, office organization, and more! We would love to help you turn your vision into a reality and help make home office an area that bring peace and productivity.

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