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Garage Organization

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Why Do I LOVE Garage Organization?

I really, really, really feel this one comes down to my own personality.  I LIKE THE HARD STUFF!

Garage organization projects are typically your hardest areas to organize.  I will justify my reasons why I feel this way…  


Garages are typically places where people throw their items that they no longer want to deal with….

…And I LOVE dealing with stuff that people would rather push under the rug.  Let’s talk about it.  Let’s address it!  True organizing is about “the stuff under the stuff”.  Here is where real progress can be made.  

Why are you throwing things you don’t want out here in the garage? Why are you putting old things out here?  Will you ever use them again?  Do they need to be donated or need a new home?  Are you just procrastinating getting a dumpster? 

Most of the time – yes – these items just need to be cleaned out, organized, or found a new home…but WHO HAS THE TIME FOR THAT?!  This is where we come along….


We often pull everything out of a garage first.  We create small categories of like items.  The key to a GOOD garage clean out is decluttering and discarding old items.  But first, we have to get a good inventory of what you already have!  Lately, I have given myself and my team (at least two Professional Organizers on each garage project) a goal to get out somewhere between 200-300lb of clutter per hour.  That is where we make HUGE transformations happen.  That old couch – let’s get rid of it.  That old lawnmower – let’s find it a new home.  Those old items you’ve been moving with you for years – let’s get rid of them!  Old shelving that’s broken that you’ll likely never fix…RID!  And not to mention, let’s get rid of all recycling boxes and old trash!!!

You would be surprised to see how this type of organizing can transform an entire garage.


As we then decide what needs to stay and what needs to go in your garage, we take a look at the largest items and figure out where their home will be first.  Then, we try to put all like items in totes and label them, so they are easily accessible.

All small and frequently used items work well on a peg board or slat wall.  Have you seen the new magnetic peg boards available?  They are amazing and so helpful with garages that are full of tools.

Make sure you also ask yourself – what do I use my garage for, or what would I like to use my garage for?

We typically plan all other items around that basic function of your garage.

Typical garage areas include- gardening, lawn care, kids toys, biking and recreational gear, hardware, house repair and general maintenance, and vehicle care.  Of course, each family is slightly different, but all garages can be customized for your unique situation.


I hate to break it to you, but a garage is rarely, if ever, our “Instagram” perfect picture, even after an amazing organization session.  They are dirty spaces.  Bins rarely ever match.  The best we can do is focus on the function of the space and make sure that you can use it for its purpose!  

Just because it isn’t pretty, doesn’t mean it isn’t BEAUTIFUL!!!

We have had so many clients completely blown away by their garages and they never knew how much they wanted, needed, and loved the space until it was organized!

As we are preparing for spring and (my favorite time of year) SPRING CLEANING, don’t forget that you don’t have to do it yourself.  Garage organization is an excellent self care gift to yourself and your loved ones.  Make your space work for you and enjoy your outside time this year.  Leave the HARD STUFF to our team – you’ll wish you did this every spring!!!

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