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Travel Organizing & Our Trip to Santa Fe, NM

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Meat & Potatoes Organizing was able to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a travel organization project. This was a very exciting opportunity for us! Our client had recently moved from Scottsdale, Arizona and wanted our help setting up her new space. It is a townhome style, adobe rental and the most crucial areas were her kitchen, master bedroom, and garage! We were able to fully set up her new space in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. I attached some pictures below as a frame of reference. 

Santa Fe has such a beautiful culture and way of artistic expression that enlightens the soul. There was an energy about Santa Fe that made us think differently–which is the beauty of traveling! The difference was the core values of Santa Fe as a whole; rather than buying, you use what it is available to you! We faced certain challenges, including: where to donate items, where to discard and where to recycle

In a new environment, in a new city, it is crucial to research the most readily available resources for all of these factors in regard to the organization process. At Meat & Potatoes Organizing, we are always trying to ensure that we find the best, most sustainable option for recycling and donation of items. We were able to gain so much knowledge throughout our experience in Santa Fe. For this particular project, we chose to donate items to local women’s shelter. We decided to recycle items to the local center which took all boxes, plastic, and electronics. Our goal is to leave the client feeling good about their space. Your environment is sacred. It is your space!

I want to highlight the importance of discarded items. You let them go with gratitude. For donation items, they are going to a family, a person, or space that needs them. Recycled items go back–exactly what their name implies–cycled back into our world for further purpose and use. 

Meat & Potatoes Organizing is here for you–moving across the country is tough enough–let us take the stress and organize it away for you. 


-beautiful culture and surrounding art, inspiring 

-struggles we faced and how we overcame them; coordinating with Home Depot and Walmart employees 

-we learned a lot about what shelters they had in surrounding areas–got to learn more about how they do things there in terms of recycling and donations 

-culture is very related to using what you have, rather than buying more and more; focussing on reducing your carbon footprint and waste 

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