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Have you seen the Kelce family’s organized garage?

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By Cori McDougald, CPO®

I logged into my Container Store App, as a professional organizer does at least 3 or 4 times per week (maybe more if I’m being really honest), only to find my favorite football family smack dab in the middle of the page.  Featuring the most beautiful garage system I have seen in quite some time.

If you haven’t checked out their Container Store page yet, go now! You won’t regret it.

My first thought was, woah, those new bins are beautiful!  We’ve been organizing garages in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro for quite some time, and it’s not often you see a revamp of the common products used.  We are huge fans of our usual staples; peg boards, containers based on customer preference, labels, shelving, categorization based on the family’s needs, and custom solutions for each family’s hobbies and interests.  In my humble opinion, these are staple items that make any garage more functional for a family.  

But what I loved about the Kelce garage is that they combined function and organization with a unique, new aesthetically pleasing line from the Container Store – the I Like It Storage Containers.  I think that these containers look so beautiful and clean.  When properly labeled, they would be an amazing solution for a garage where a clean, tidy look is important.  These containers, paired with the Elfa Garage Custom Shelving create a unique solution for any family or homeowner, that does not break the bank.

Personally, I think I might need to add this combo to my own garage!  What a dream!

In the latest episode of the New Heights Podcast, at 11:20 Jason and Travis talk about their experience with the Container Store and using a professional organizing team.  I have to say, when I heard that, I got AMPED UP!  I am so excited to hear that more and more busy families are trusting the professionals…aka us Professional Organizers… to handle those areas of the home in which they are too busy to do, or feel too overwhelmed to tackle.  It brings us so much joy to help others go from something that feels chaotic and overwhelming to a completely fun and stress free area again.

We know you are busy, we know that stuff piles up, and we are a judgment free zone (seriously, we see this every day).  Our only goal is to help you reclaim peace in your space so you love it.

So if you feel overwhelmed by your garage, need some guidance in the right direction, or just want to do a complimentary consultation to look at your options, please reach out to me and my team.  We would be so grateful to talk with you more about your options and reduce the stress in your life.  Everyone deserves a Kelce garage!

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Sending all the love and zen vibes your way –

Cori McDougald

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