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Oh My Laundry!

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Does laundry feel like the never-ending task in your home? Try to keep the door closed to the laundry room so you do not have to think about it? Have kids running around in the summer and changing outfits 100 times a day? Since you likely spend more time in your laundry room than you would prefer, it should be a space that works for you! If you have a smaller laundry room, it can be so much more than a “dirty clothes in, clean clothes out” space.

Here are some tips that can help you create a laundry room space that doesn’t overwhelm you!

1. Add Bins

Bins are a lifesaver if you want to utilize open shelving but still create a space that looks tidy & organized. They help all your items have a home, which is key when organizing a room, no matter the size! Once you have added bins, make sure you label them, so it is noticeably clear what goes in each one. You will stop spending time looking for that spot remover, dryer sheet, or laundry pod and get to move on to the next task at hand. 

2. Label Everything

Yes, everything! Finding a spot for each of your items is a task to begin with if you are working with a smaller space, but keeping them in their spot can be even harder. By labeling every category you can easily place your items back in their home after you have used them or restock the laundry room as your essential items run out. 

3. Use Every Space Available

No space should be left unused. You can DIY open shelving, a cabinet, a countertop, etc. so that you can use it as extra storage or as a folding area. Also, do not forget about those walls! A great idea to save space and utilize your wall is by a vertical hanging rack! Traditional hanging racks take space and are not pleasing to the eye. By installing a vertical fold-up hanging rack, you can unfold it when it is needed and fold it up when it is not. Either way, it is out of the way and you are utilizing the most out of your space.

4. Make it Beautiful

Is this an organization tip? Not necessarily, but it will make it so much more enjoyable to be in your space. Add some small indoor plants, repaint the wall a fun color, use baskets that you love to look at! It may seem like a small step, but the more “you” you put into it, the more you are going to enjoy being in the space and checking this task off your chore list for the day! 

Feeling inspired to work on your laundry room? You are in luck!! We are going to be hosting a “Clients Night Out” on Tuesday, July 18th from 6-8 p.m. There will be drinks, snacks, laughter, and of course some freebies for you to take home! We are going to teach you how to file fold, enjoy a wine tasting, and will have a travel nurse there to give vitamin IV’s. We are also going to show you how to make a cost effective, eco-friendly, and toxin free laundry detergent that will last you months! Visit our Facebook page to RSVP to the event! 

As always, if after reading this, you would like some help organizing this space in your home, reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation today! We would love to help you turn your vision into a reality and help make the chore of doing laundry a bit more fun 😊 

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