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Welcome to your new home! Unpacking 101

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So many boxes, so many rooms, where do I start?

Situation: You finally have all of your boxes moved over into your new space, the movers just left, and now you are trying to figure out where you should start. You will wish you could just snap your fingers, and everything would be unpacked (hint: M&P can help you unpack if you do not want to deal with this stress!). If you are going to do it yourself, then below is our recommended order. This order will help minimize the overwhelm and allow you to start enjoying your new space ASAP!

1. Find Your Essentials Box

There are things you are going to need right away like toothbrushes, medication, phone chargers, etc. If you followed our packing tips blog, these items are in a separate box marked “Essentials” and you kept this box close by. Make sure you have it handy and ready for use during the unpack process.

2. Unpack One Room at a Time

If the thought of unpacking the whole new space is overwhelming, it is time to break the job up into smaller tasks. Instead of jumping from room to room making small progress in each, take it one room at a time. Unpack an entire room before moving on to the next. Not only will this be more efficient, but it will also allow you to stay more organized and you will be able to pat yourself on the back along the way with each finished room.

3. Decide on Furniture Placement / Assemble Furniture First

When you are labeling your furniture to put into rooms, before you begin unpacking the boxes, you will want to make sure your furniture is assembled in the correct spot. This will eliminate the need to move furniture with your items unpacked in them. If we can avoid moving a bookshelf after the books are placed in it, let us do it 😊 Installing shelving and closet organizing units first will make unpacking more productive and save you future work.

4. Start with Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Moving day will be exhausting so you will want a nice shower and good night’s sleep after a long day’s work. Once your beds have been assembled, find the boxes with your bedding and pillows, and make all the beds. This will allow you to have a “we’re done, let’s crash” at the end of the night once you have accomplished the items on your task list for that day!

Next, you want to move on to the bathrooms. You will want to have shower curtains, rugs, and fresh towels in place so you can shower at the end of the day. You will also want to have your toiletries and medications right there on hand. 

5. Then Move to the Kitchen

Step 1: Unpack the cold food into the refrigerator and freezer. *If you have an essentials box that had any water, Gatorade, or kids drinks in them – put then in the fridge ASAP so you can have a nice cold beverage waiting for you throughout the day.

Step 2: Get the major appliances hooked up and plug in any small appliances that will make your life a little easier—such as the coffee pot and toaster. 

Step 3: Fill your cabinets with the necessary plates, utensils, and cups.

Step 4: Unpack your food into the pantry/cabinets. 

At Meat & Potatoes Organizing, we have found that kitchen functionality and unpacking can be the MOST daunting task. You will want to put thought into the systems you put in place as your unpacking to make sure it is a functional and organized space throughout your time in the space. We can help produce ideas for systems for you, make recommendations on excellent organizing products that will help keep your kitchen organized long-term. 

6. Deal with Utility Areas Last

Some of the last spaces to unpack are the garage, basement, and other utility rooms. Since most of these spaces are used for storage, this can be done the same day you move, or on a separate day if that is better for your schedule. Focus on ensuring you are putting items you will need regularly in spaces that are convenient. Your utility areas should receive just as much focus as your other rooms to ensure continued functionality and organization.

We often get excited for time outside, especially if you are moving when it is nice weather, but we do recommend that items for the patio, deck, or landscape can be unpacked last and set up at your leisure. However, if you are moving in summer, it can be a good idea to set up the barbecue grill fairly early, so that you can cook while the kitchen is still being set up. 😊 

We hope this unpacking order will help you get out of the overwhelm stage and allow you to start relaxing in your new space! If unpacking still feels overwhelming and you are unsure of how to approach it, speak with us about how we can help you get re-organized in your new space! Please reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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