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What’s new in November?

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Welcome to November everyone!

      We hope your October was great, and are ready for a chilly November. As the seasons start to change, Meat & Potatoes Organizing is changing too! New additions are coming and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store! 

      Coming soon, M&P is launching a professional organizing and meal planning package. We are so excited to launch our pantry/fridge organization combo with complete meal planning, grocery shopping, and food prepping service. There will be more details and dates coming soon. If interested in this service, please contact Cori or reply to this e-mail to get on our wait list.

      Another fun addition is coming even sooner! As the holiday season is approaching, so does the stress of hosting, decorating, and everything in between. The chaos and the clutter can be overwhelming, but fear not! Meat and Potatoes Organizing is here to help. Starting this holiday season, M&P will be offering Christmas decorating, takedown, and organizing sessions. Schedule a consultation with us and make sure to add Christmas decorating to the Note section. This season, let Meat and Potatoes Organizing spread the holiday cheer in your home! 

      Last but not least, available now for the holiday season on our website, are E-gift cards! You can purchase these in a variety of package sizes that M&P offers. These are perfect for friends and family or for anyone in need of some organization help!

Visit our website to check it out. 

      We hope that November treats you well, and that you take a peak at all of the new and upcoming things M&P Organizing has to offer! 

Much love to you all~
Cori, Helen, Abi, Olivia, Jackie, Brenda, Jamie, Abby & Tess

Now, to get into some hacks as well as some of our faves this month. The space that we will be focusing on is the kitchen! So much time and so many memories are spent in the kitchen, so we want to make sure it is a clutter-free space. This is even more important with holidays approaching because parties are being thrown, holidays are being hosted, and cooking seems non-stop. Our first hack is to try using clear bins – our favorites being the OXO Good Grip POP containers – they are a great move to make your pantry more visually appealing. Our second tip – often overlooked – is to eliminate clutter by getting rid of any duplicates or expired items. This way, there is more cupboard space, less clutter, and you’ll never notice that you don’t need these items anymore 😉 Any time that your kitchen feels like an absolute disaster, we suggest setting a timer for 10 minutes and putting items back away into their “home”. This is a great way to clear up your mind and only takes a few minutes!

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